A Community Focused On Black Womxn*


In December of 2018, we launched NAIJ Hair to the world. Based in Toronto, we knew that the Human Hair Extensions industry needed a change. It needed innovation, representation of black womxn, quality throughout the entire process and transparency on all levels. Starting off with a one person team, our crew is growing and we don't plan on stopping. We relaunched our website in July 2020 with new visuals, better product and a gorgeous experience to better serve our cherished audience.

We have worked hard to ethically source premium quality virgin and raw hair extensions. We don't compromise on quality, so why should you? From the moment you stumble onto our website or social platforms until you receive our product, we promise to deliver a quality experience. We are always open to questions, comments, concerns, stories and even a little tea. 🐸 🍵

*At NAIJ Hair, we are intentionally inclusive of Black folks that do not claim the male identity. This includes Black Trans & Cis Women, Gender Non-Conforming people and others.

It's more than just hair.

Our In-House Crew

Edo Odozor (She/Her)

A self-made hustler who loves a good sudoku puzzle.


Ayonna Clarke (She/Her)

A style guru who knows how to slay a moodboard.


Zoe Mukendi (She/Her)

A tea-sipping Brit who never says no to Prosecco.


Rowan Chang (He/Him)

A spreadsheet wiz with a knack for data analytics.


Prioritizing the Black Community

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