How long does shipping take?

Please allow 3-7 Business Days for shipping! As soon as we receive you order, we begin processing so you can receive your product on time. If any issues arise, we will always keep in communication with you. 

How many bundles is enough for a full head?

Head size varies, however, for longer lengths (20-26), we advise getting 4 bundles and a closure or frontal if you want your hair to be full looking. If you are purchasing shorter lengths (10-18), 3 bundles and a closure or frontal will be sufficient. 

Can I dye the hair?

Yes! Our hair can be dyed to any colour, however, if you want it to colour #613, we advise that you get it done professionally to avoid damage. Treat the hair as if it were your own!

How long does the hair last?

With proper care and maintenance, our hair can last over 12 months. With proper conditioners, serums and general upkeep, this is more than attainable.

Why do my hair extensions get tangled?

The extensions may tangle due to dryness, oil and dirt buildup, salt, chlorine and not combing the hair. Remember to treat the hair as if it were your own! It is 100% human hair. Use olive oil to moisten it or consult your favourite stylist for more options.