Why Raw Hair Is An Investment

Why Your Raw Hair Purchase is an Investment

We all know it costs money to look your best, but you should always get your money's worth. Custom raw hair wigs can sometimes cost you a lot. But that's why it's such a shame when you don't get what you've paid for. Let's face it; your ready-to-wear wig purchases are an investment, so it's crucial to know how to invest in the right ones. 

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Buying Bad Quality Hair Costs You More

The very best quality human hair wigs can cost you as much as $700-$3000. But buying premium hair bundles, ready-to-wear wigs, or luxury hair wigs that are poor quality will always end up costing you more money.

Poor quality hair never lasts as long, and it's harder to find one that will fit your look. Among other things, inconveniences like these cost more money; because you always end up buying more.

The costs eventually add up, so it's better to get your money's worth with high-quality premium raw hair wigs and premium raw hair bundles. 

Raw Hair Wigs Style Easier 

Quality raw wigs can make your life so much easier. As you know, it's important to take extra precautions when it comes to using heat on your frontal or closure wigs. You don't want to risk ruining your wig and wasting your money; that's why it's best to invest in quality raw hair wigs; that can take the heat.

Quality raw hair wigs don't burn and damage as easily as regular human hair wigs, and heat styles last longer! So now you don't have to worry about adjusting or re-styling your ready-to-wear wigs. 

But when it comes to quality wigs, there are two different sets of premium hair bundles you should be aware of. 

1.) Raw Hair: In comparison to virgin hair, raw is completely unaltered. Raw hair is no different than the hair growing out of your scalp. It's not chemically altered or steamed processed in any way. Because of this, the premium hair bundles usually come in only three textures. These textures are straight, naturally wavy, and curly. Another thing to remember is that raw hair requires a bit of maintenance. It usually needs a regular dose of moisturizer and conditioner, and while raw hair is usually better quality than virgin hair, that means it'll cost more. 

2.) Virgin Hair: Virgin hair is chemically processed and steamed to give the premium hair bundles more texture. These textures can range from body waves or loose curls to afro/kinky curly hairstyles. While virgin hair is typically cheaper and comes with a wider range of textures, the quality will not be as substantial as raw hair. 

Both raw and virgin hair have their pros and cons, and depending on how you'd like to style your hair, both premium hair bundles could end up being a perfect match for you. 

Another great thing about quality style frontal or closure wigs is that they can hold curl patterns for longer! You don't have to worry about readjusting or styling them because quality wigs are in it for the long hall. 

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Longevity and Sustainability = Raw Hair

When it comes to investing in your frontal or closure wig, quality is key. The quality of your wig will determine how long it'll last! Remember how we were telling you about the difference between virgin and raw hair? Your knowledge of those two premium hair bundles will help you determine your wig's sustainability.

We mentioned that the quality of raw hair is typically better than the quality of virgin hair simply because the hair is neither steamed nor chemically processed.

So if you would like a long-lasting luxury hair wig, choose raw hair. Raw hair holds different curl patterns for longer. We know it can be on the higher end, cost wise but it's a wise investment.

Why buy something you could only wear for a few months when you can buy something else that will last you for years? The best part about all of this is that you'll end up saving more money in the long run. 

More Freedom with Coloring Raw Hair

Everyone wants to spice up their look once in a while, and adding color is a great way to do that! It doesn't matter if it's a custom frontal wig, a ready-to-wear wig or a luxury hair wig. If it's higher quality, it'll be easier to color. Higher quality hair will give you more vibrant results, and it won't take as long to get the job done! Unlike poor quality wigs, which usually give you undesirable results. 

At NAIJ Hair, we make wig shopping easy. Whether it's virgin or raw hair or your choosing between a custom frontal or closure wig, we've got you covered. We make it affordable too! With our buy now pay later programs, you can split your purchase into monthly payments! 

So now that you know a little bit more about making the right hair investment, it's your turn to put your knowledge to the test. Time to start shopping! 

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  • Emma Ashton

    Human hair extensions are pretty self-explanatory; they’re made of real human hair from a donor. The highest quality human hair extensions are called remy hair, which means that the cuticles of the hair are intact and were running in the same direction when the donation was collected. Remy hair allows for little to no tangling, and the extensions will stay smooth and silky! bellami extensions balayage can be treated and styled just like your natural hair, which is a huge plus.

  • Rhoda

    I really love your blog.
    I would like to ask a question, would it be smart to start a wig business with raw hair. I know it’s important to get a target audience and all the other things thought on YouTube, but do you think starting a business with raw hair will produce loss or profit. Also, where do I get vendors in Nigeria, I’ve been searching and I’m not sure I have found a good one yet. Please advice. Thanks

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