Top 5 Blonde Hairstyles for Black Girls

It's about to get real shade-y.

Blonde hair will always work for any shade of black girl. 

Whether it’s at our jobs, classes at school, a workout, or the 9-5pm grind, let’s face it us girls know how to hustle and put the work in to get it done. 


So when it comes to going blonde, who says we can’t also slay in some lighter locks? 

Blonde hair is a gorgeous and fresh way for us black girls to change up our dark hair. However, just one simple Google search can lead to hundreds of different blonde looks varying in shade, undertone, and style. 

How do I know which is right for me? For those of us who’ve gone through this similar experience, we see you ladies and feel the struggle too! 

Let’s break down some of the best blonde looks for every black girl.

1. Ash Blonde Balayage

ash blonde balayage

An ash blonde balayage is rich with multiple tones and dark roots, making it a great middle ground for beginner blonde wearers. The cool ash undertones can easily be achieved with bleach and toner at a visit to the salon. 

The balayage and natural-coloured roots of this look make it look extra wearable, perfectly complementing rich skin tones, just in time for the upcoming fall season. 

2. Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Chocolate Roots

Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Chocolate Roots

This one goes out to all the girls out there who love trying something new or who want to make a bold statement with their hair. 

And what better way to turn heads than switching up your look to a platinum blonde with dark chocolate roots? 

This gorgeous shade of blonde is achieved by using toner to give the hair that perfect platinum effect. The cooler undertones of the platinum blonde pair perfectly for the fall and winter season and will be sure to bring out your facial features beautifully. 

3. Natural Strawberry Blonde and Honey Blonde Hair 

strawberry blonde afro black girl

Bold yet effortless, this extra-flattering shade is perfect for girls with lighter skin tones who feel like they’re in a rut with their natural hair.

The warm hues from both the strawberry and honey blonde highlight the undertones in the skin for a radiant look that you’ll keep getting compliments on. 

This option is great for all hair textures from 3c to 4c and can also be done on our hair extensions or natural wigs

4. Chocolate Blonde Body Wave Wig

Chocolate Blonde Body Wave Wig

Go for a gorgeous look with our universally-flattering chocolate blonde body wave wig, amazing for all year-round, especially during the spring and summer months. 


The chocolate hues bring out the richness in our darker skin tones, giving you that glow from within. 

5. 613 Blonde Hair

613 blonde bob wig

Looking to switch up your current locks to a shorter hair look? NAIJ Hair’s got you covered with our straight blonde bob wig


This is one of our favourites for the summer or winter because it highlights all your facial features, especially making those cheekbones pop in the light! 

How Can Black Girls Go Blonde Without Compromising Hair Quality?

Okay, so there’s all these shades and styles I can try out at the salon, but how can I take the plunge to the lighter side without compromising the integrity of my own hair? 


1. Find the right stylist.

We can’t stress this enough if you’re working with a stylist at the salon, the biggest tip to keep your hair as healthy as possible is to be patient with the process. 

Find a stylist who gets your hair type and values maintaining the quality of your hair, even if that means taking more than one session to lift your hair to your desired shade of blonde. 

2. Opt for a gorgeous blonde weave/wig. 

Another great option to give your hair a break and some TLC is to look into some fab weaves and wigs, perfect for black girls looking for a damage-free way to go blonde

The best part? This option lets you rock blonde hair without damaging your own hair while also still being affordable and having long-lasting wear. 


Great for all skin tones, it can be toned easily or left natural in its original 613 state. The possibilities in customizing the blonde bob wig to a style and cut you’ll love truly are endless. 

And if you feel like tweaking the colour to your exact preference, we provide an added custom colouring service to help you achieve what you’re looking for. Just shoot us a message if there’s something you can’t find when looking to customize your blonde look. 

3. Maintenance is key. 

If you’re going blonde and getting it done at a salon, after-care is extra important in helping to strengthen and repair the damage that occurred during the chemical process of bleaching and lifting your hair. 

Invest in an intensive hydrating conditioner/hair mask/oil to help rebuild the bonds in your hair and to maintain a soft, healthy texture. 

Black Girls and Rocking Blonde Hair the Verdict?

You know what the best thing is about hair routines and looks? It’s an expression of who you are and something to have fun with. 

Just like the ‘fit and makeup look you wear every day, there are no limits to your style (that includes hairstyles!) and what makes you feel most beautiful.

Whether you’re feeling a natural or glam look, or feeling like a boss babe one day to damn Beyonce tomorrow, there is a blonde hair look out there for you and ready for you to rock with your best confidence.


Who says black girls can’t have fun too?


  • Emma Ashton

    dark brown balayage extensions, a natural-looking hair-color technique that’s gloriously subtle when grown out, gets its depth and dimension from being mixed with light brown or another blonde. It’s custom-blended just for you, so it’s perfect for people who want a unique style.

  • Vallrey Crump

    Thanks for making us Brown girls who want to have fun…feel empowered. "We are not our hair "!

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