How Much Does It Cost to Get Hair Extensions Put in Professionally?

You’ve done it! You bought the human hair wig that you wanted, or maybe you bought the human hair bundles and closure that you’ve been eyeing for a while.

But then, you notice that you need an installation of the hair, or maybe a wig made-- or maybe both.

That’s where we come in.

You need someone with passion, skill and expertise to create the perfect look for you. Luckily, NAIJ Hair has the resources that you need to get the look you desire-- from beginning to end.

Our Stylists

NAIJ Hair has teamed up with a bunch of stylists and colorists in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to create the perfect custom color or custom wig for you. We offer a variety of services for you to choose from and can cater to many needs. Our stylists are tried, tested and approved. We recommend them so much because we’ve worked with them for photoshoots and have went to them for personal hairstyling.

Wig Installation

NAIJ Hair offers Wig Installation services for clients located in the GTA. To use this service, you will come with a wig that has already been made. This wig can be from our human hair wig collection, or maybe it’s a wig that you previously own. Short or long, purple or brown, we can install the wig for you! Simply add on this feature to your cart and checkout. We will be in touch for scheduling dates. Either one is totally fine! This service is complete with personal hairline customization, bleaching and installing the hair onto your head. Get the full treatment by adding this service to your cart and checking out. Price- $100

Wig Construction and Installation

Need a custom wig made? NAIJ Hair offers wig construction and installation packages. We will make a custom wig for you and install it, if you’re in the GTA. We are mobile for installation, or you can pick from one of our stylists who are located across the Greater Toronto Area. NAIJ Hair is dedicated to providing you with the best hair experience! Custom wig making shouldn’t be a struggle, so let’s make this process as easy as possible for you! $140 for Wig Construction and Installation

Wig Construction

NAIJ Hair provides custom wig making services for our clients globally! We can create a wig from your bundles of choice. Simply add on the Wig Construction package to your cart, and we will create a custom wig made just for you! $120 CAD for Wig Construction

Custom Coloring

Instagram is perfect for finding hair inspiration that is soooo cute. You may have saved 40 pictures of what color you want for your hair, but when it comes to finding someone to color the hair for you, a challenge comes your way. This doesn’t have to be the case! NAIJ Hair offer custom coloring for hair bundles and for wigs. Add the custom coloring package to your cart and we will send you an email with further details and you can also send us your inspiration! We have talented stylists who will create the look of your dreams. Custom Coloring starting at $70.


Buy Now Pay Later Hair | Sezzle | Hair Financing


Overall, hair extensions can be a real price! We offer payment plans to make the cost easier. Check out with Sezzle for hair financing solutions. Buy Now, Pay Later Hair is a great addition to the hair market! You can pay instalments for the hair, but receive it upon checking out!

Let us know in the comment section what package you will be using!

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