Which Bob Wig Is Right For You?

Human hair bob wigs are so classy. Whether you’re going for date night with bae, or even a lunch with your friends, bob wigs are an affordable and quality option for every wig wearer out there.

The best thing about bob wigs is that they require low maintenance and are very easy to customize for each individual.

Just put them on, cut the lace and go! 

NAIJ Hair carries several options for human hair bob wigs! We carry a 613 blonde bob wig, frontal bob wigs, black straight bob wigs, deep wave wigs, body wave bob wigs and curly human hair wigs!

With such a diverse selection of wigs, you can find the bob wig that is exactly right for you. 

In this blog, we will cover…

  1. The Different Textures of Human Hair Bob Wigs
  2. The Best Selling Human Hair Bob Wig
  3. Closure vs. Frontal Human Hair Bob Wig

The Different Textures of Human Hair Bob Wigs 

There are different textures of bob wigs, allowing everyone to find something that suits their need.

Depending on what kind of wig you want, there are different occasions or uses for each one.

We will cover the black straight bob wig, the curly bob wig, the body wave bob wig and the 613 blonde bob wig! 

Straight Bob Wig

This is a classic wig that is easy to customize and a great staple for every wig wearer out there.

short straight bob wig

Our model is wearing a 12 inch straight bob wig that is in 150% density.


With a light to medium density, the wig will look natural and can suit several different head shapes. This wig comes in two colors on NAIJ Hair! It comes in Natural Black and it comes in 99J, which is a burgundy color. Best of all, it is affordable and is quality human hair. 

Body Wave Bob Wig

This wig is great for adding some volume to your bob wig. If you are not a fan of straight hair, this can be a better option for individuals who like more body. It’s simple, easy to maintain and can be customized very easily.

body wave bob wig


613 Blonde Bob Wig

If you’re looking for a bob wig that you can change the color, a 613 blonde bob wig is the best option. Because the hair is already blonde, you can easily color it without having to further bleach the hair.


Straight Bob wigs

At NAIJ Hair, we also offer coloring services add ons, where you can get your hair colored too! Just add this service to your cart, and when you checkout, you will receive an email on further instruction. 

Just tell us the color that you want and we will make it happen. 613 is also great if you want to add some toner to your blonde wig.

If you would like, just add some Wella Toner in your preferred shade, and you can get some beautiful combinations of ash blonde, dirty blonde and more. Hair is a creative outlet!

Curly Bob Wig

The curly bob wig is a simple option that is great for spring and summer. This wig is perfect for the beach, where the curls can flourish and thrive. There are a lot of options with this type of wig.

curly bob wig


You can add some water and some gel and get a deep water wave curl.

Another thing you can do is blow it out, and you’ll get a more loose curl. With this wig, it is important to keep it moisturized, so that the curls are able to thrive in the best way possible!

The Best Selling Human Hair Bob Wig

Our best selling human hair bob wig is the straight bob wig. This is because it’s simple, easy to customize and is a staple, quality option for every wig wearer.

Closure v. Frontal Bob Wig

Closure Bob Wigs are great if you want to keep a consistent look. If you prefer your hair in a middle part all the time or a side part all the time, or you just like a low maintenance style, closure bob wigs are the better option for you.

If you prefer more versatility for your human hair bob wigs, you can use a frontal bob wig, where you can switch the parting and do more types of styles with your bob wig, such as putting it half up and half down. 

Overall, bob wigs are a great addition to every wig wearers collection. They are easy to maintain, very classy and are a quality, affordable wig

What’s your favorite type of bob wig? Let us know in the comments below!

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