How to Style Ponytail Extensions

You have just spent some coin on ponytail extensions but have no idea how to style it the best. Human hair ponytails can be hard to manage but once you master all our styling tips, your clip-in ponytails will become your new signature look. 

Thankfully, at NAIJ Hair we only want the best for you. This guide will go through the different styling tips of ponytail extensions so you can get the best out of your clip-in ponytails, your extensions, or your bundles.  

For all the visual learners out there, we got you! We have video tutorials of each ponytail style just for you. If you are ready to have a hot girl summer, sit back, read our guide, and get ready to slay your ponytail extensions. 

In this blog, we will discuss…

  •       The Benefits of Ponytail Extensions 
  •       How to Style Your Human Hair Ponytails 

Benefits of Ponytail Extensions 

Clip-in ponytails are a great way to elevate your look by adding some extra fierceness to any look and there is a lot of versatility with human hair ponytails. Ponytails are a great look to add to your collection because they are truly timeless. It is an easy and quick go-to look for a lot of people.

Ponytail extensions are designed to add thickness, volume, and length to a regular ponytail. With extensions, you can say goodbye to limp short ponytails and say hello to long voluminous ponytails. 

One of the greatest benefits of clip-in ponytails or ponytail extensions is that they elevate your unwashed hair into a look that will have heads turning. Girl, I have been there too. Some days we just aren’t down to wash our hair, and with ponytails, you don’t have to. 

Human hair ponytails can open up a new world of hair possibilities. There are so many hairstyles you can rock with a ponytail, and we go through them all. Anything is possible with extensions, so keep reading to figure out what look you are ready to slay next. 

How to Style Ponytail Extensions 

The first thing you want to do when styling your ponytail is to pull all your hair into a ponytail at whatever position you want. If you want a high pony, tie your hair at the crown of your head. If you are looking for a low pony, tie the hair at the nape of your neck. Want to rock a mid ponytail? No problem, pull all the hair to the middle of an imaginary line that connects the middle of your ears.

Then you want to brush through your clip-in ponytails or ponytail extensions to remove any tangles. Next is to secure the ponytail. Some extensions have clips already built-in that need to be applied, some may need to use bobby pins, or you can sew in your bundle extensions.

Next is to wrap the base of the ponytail with the hair extensions to conceal the band. You can use bobby pins to secure the hair in place. Now you are all ready to style the hair however you want! 

Sleek High Ponytail 

Trying to rock a sexy high pony like Zendaya? Create a ponytail at the crown of your head and use gel to slick all the hair back. Lay your baby hairs and attach the extensions to the ponytail. Then use a piece of the extension to wrap the base of the ponytail. 

human hair ponytail high ponytail zendaya

The best part about high ponytails is that you automatically get a natural face-lift making you look snatched! 

Link to high ponytail tutorial:


Braided Ponytail 

For a braided ponytail, you want to use gel to slick back all your hair to the position you want. Then tie it, secure the ponytail extensions, and wrap the base of the ponytail with a piece of the extensions. Next is to braid the hair and add accessories in the hair if you want. 

clip in ponytail braided

Okay Alicia Keys we see you. A braided pony just screams baddie! It takes the basic high ponytail to another level. 

Link to braided ponytail tutorial:


Top Knot

If you are looking for something that is easy to do and easy to maintain, try a top knot. The first thing you want to do is pull all your hair into a high ponytail. Use gel if you want a sleek look, and secure the extensions. 

Then you want to braid the hair, twist the hair in a single strand, or divide the ponytail into two pieces and twist it. Then wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it in place. 

ponytail extensions bun black girl

Kelly Rowland just knows how to slay a top knot. A classic look that can be dressed up or down. 

Link to top knot tutorial:


Low Bun

This is a go-to look if you want a chic and easy ponytail. Tie your hair at the nape of your neck, and secure your extensions to it. Like the top knot, you can braid or twist the hair before wrapping the entire hair around the base of the ponytail. For a more sleek look, add some gel and lay those baby hairs.

clip in ponytail low bun black girl

The extensions will add extra volume, making you look like you are ready for the red carpet. If you want more of a chill look, pull some strands of hair out of the bun and loosen the hair a little. 

ponytail extensions low bun rihanna

Link to low bun tutorial:


Low Ponytail

Trying to look like bad girl RiRi with a sexy low pony? Try out these simple steps. First, tie your hair at the nape of your neck. If you want a more sleek look, make sure to use gel and lay your baby hairs down. Then wrap the extensions around the hair and secure it. 

 human hair ponytails rihanna low ponytail

Like the low bun, a low ponytail takes a basic ponytail and adds a fierceness that can’t be ignored. 

Link to low ponytail tutorial:


Bubble Braid

Tie your hair at the position you desire. Wrap the base of the ponytail with the extensions and secure it. Continue to tie the hair about an inch from the tie before. Then you want to fluff the hair to form bubbles in the hair.

clip in ponytails bubble braid

Bubble braids take the braided look to another level. It is trendy, chic and gorgeous. 

Link to bubble braid tutorial:


With our guide, styling ponytails has never been easier. Make sure to check out our bundles, they are premium quality with a variety of textures. You can use bundles to form ponytail extensions, making bundles versatile. 

ponytail extensions bundles

Link to bundle ponytail tutorial:

Let us know below which NAIJ Hair styling tip you found the most helpful. Leave a comment below, we love hearing from you! If you use NAIJ Hair products, don’t forget to post a picture and tag us @naijhair.  

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    human hair ponytail extension can be tied into a ponytail and can be styled in the same ways as natural hair. We carry real human hair, which is better for your own hair and can be worn multiple times.

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