How To Take Better Care of Your Body

We all want to be our best selves right? It is everywhere!

It seems like everyone on Instagram is “drinking water and minding their business”.

But taking care of yourself is deeper than that.

Self care is heavily commercialized through “self-care boxes” and “self-care products” but at NAIJ Hair, we always say that self-care can never come in the form of a product.

Here are some ways to take better care of your mind and body.


  1. Meditate

Everyone seems to be doing it nowadays! Do you think while doing it or not think? How long do we have to sit for?

Meditation is a spectrum, but it is shown to improve mindfulness, concentration, mood levels, productivity and more.

Meditation can be as simple as sitting down and concentrating on your breathing for 1 to 5 minutes.

Making it a daily practice can be an amazing addition to your routine and can set your day off to a great start.

If you are a beginner, have no fear! Head to Spotify or Apple Music and search in “guided meditations”.

Another great app is Headspace. They have amazing meditations for beginners and offer a free trial. Free free free. Love the sound of those words.

  1. Clean up your timeline.

The TL can be the best and worst place. It can inform you of upcoming events, tell you where to get the best foundation for your skin type and teach you how to squat properly.

However, the timeline can be highly negative and can perpetuate some dark things that can linger in your mind.

Here’s a good rule. If its not feeding your soul, let it go.

If you feel like you are less than, or feel as though you are being discriminated against, just unfollow. After cleaning up my timeline, I am reminded of positive things everything I check it-- and I check a lot.

Being diligent about what you are feeding your mind is important when trying to take better care of yourself.

  1.  When you rest, rest.

Resting is important. Some rest a lot and others don’t.

Resting is subjective. Some people rest by actively engaging their mind through books and others just lie in absolute silence with no stimulation whatsoever.

If you are planning to rest, make sure the environment around you feeds into your rest.

Calming music, a tidy surrounding and a comfortable setting can all impact how well you rest.

We are busy people (or so we say) and when we rest, let’s make it good.

  1. Limit screen usage after you wake and before you sleep

We are attached to our screens like never before. Stimulation is everywhere and it’s putting our brains in overdrive. Before you sleep and after you wake, try avoiding touching your phone.

Replace your phone next to your bed with a book, so you reach for that as opposed to your device.

If you are inclined to use your phone as an alarm, set it on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and set it on loud, so you can properly sleep but can still hear your alarm.

Getting up to turn it off will also get you out of bed.

You will thank me later when you don’t miss your midterm exam.


  1. Sweat once a day.

Fast walking your dog, running around the block, doing some yoga flows will all work. Yoga is amazing!

Once I was a non believer in the effects of yoga, but I started and can’t stop.

Yes, yoga is for black girls too.

It can help your digestion, strength, immune system and gets you sooooo right in all the right places.

    2. Be mindful about what enters your body.

Same thing with feeding your mind the right things, feeding your body the right things is important too.

Eat more unprocessed foods and ditch the unhealthy snacks.

Make your own trail mixes with chocolate chips, walnuts, different seeds and more. I was also once a non-believer of these trail mixes (yuck, am i right?) but now I look forward to my snacks and can’t stand too much sugar in a day.

Eating well also gives you much more energy.

My mood was better and I was able to do a lot better for my business.

       3. Drink water.

Drink water and mind your business am i right?

I started drinking my water out of cute jumbo mason jars and it adds to my aesthetic (extra, I am aware) but I end up drinking a lot of water and my skin has been glowing.

No lie, it’s nature’s drink of life. Also, you protect yourself from a lot of diseases that sugary drinks can give you.

       4. Be mindful about what goes on your skin and hair

I didn’t realize that a lot of makeup products that I use have harmful chemicals.

That sh%t goes on your face! Protect your gorgeous face and try to switch to brands that are transparent about what they use in their products.

It’s just not worth the nastiness on your literal face. This goes for hair products as well.

Shea Moisture is an amazing company that is really transparent about the ingredients in their hair products. I am a total stan.

Those are some easy and really doable tips that make a huge difference.

You don’t need to start with all of them, but it’s easy to slowly implement one thing each week.

Very soon, you’ll see a MAJOR difference.

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