How to Soothe a Dry Scalp and Conquer Dandruff

Dry Scalp and Afro Textured Hair

Do you ever find yourself scratching your scalp to the point where it feels like you can’t stop?

Your scalp just feels so dry that you have the urge to pour the entire oil bottle on your head.

On top of this, let’s not forget about the build up of dandruff that can turn your dry itchy scalp into a dry flaky scalp as well.

This is a problem that so many people deal with. Having a dry, itchy  scalp can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings when it comes to your hair and dandruff just isn’t a good look.

We want to teach you more about what a dry scalp actually is, how to cope with it, and share some natural cures for dandruff so that you can live an itch and dandruff free life. 

 black woman dandruff curly hair

What is Dry Scalp?

Let’s take it a step back and understand what it means to have a dry scalp and the reasoning behind it. It’s important to understand why something happens so that we know how to prevent it from occurring in the future. 

A dry scalp can result from various factors from inside and outside your body. Some include dehydration, over washing your hair which causes you to strip the oils from your scalp, certain hair styling products, cold or dry air, a preexisting skin condition (eczema), or even older age. 

Woman with towel on hair dry scalp

Our skin all over our body thrives off of hydration. When you have a dry scalp it lacks hydration and oil production for your skin to feel moisturized and lubricated. This results in a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp that will leave your skin feeling irritated and sometimes even inflamed from the constant scratching.  

What is Dandruff?

So what is dandruff you ask? Dandruff is caused by the overgrowth of skin cells on the scalp that eventually flake off and lay in your hair. 

There are a few reasons why you might have dandruff on top of having a dry, itchy scalp. 

Are You Brushing Your Hair Enough?

A really common reason as to why you may be experiencing dandruff is that you’re not brushing your hair enough. When you brush your hair on a regular basis, it promotes the blood flow in your scalp which allows your body to go through it’s normal skin shedding cycle. The increased blood flow keeps skin alive and reduces the amount of dead skin cells and dandruff production.

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For many people, they may experience having dandruff during the winter months due to the cold, dry air. Due to their lack of moisture your scalp becomes dehydrated and requires an extra amount of moisture to maintain it’s hydration. If this is not managed it results in small dry flakes falling off of the scalp. 

Skin Conditions

Another reason why you may have dandruff is if you have a skin condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis. When this condition appears on the skin, it produces an itchy rash like texture in patches that result in oily flakes leaving the scalp. 

There are numerous skin conditions that can cause dandruff and irritation to your scalp. It is highly recommended that you recognize any irregularities or symptoms to visit a doctor for a skin consultation. (241)

Oils to Soothe Dry Scalps

We’re all looking for amazing, reliable oils that will keep your scalp nourish and prevent the production of dandruff.  Essence Magazine, a lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine dedicated to African-American women, has released a list of five oils that will be your saving grace when it comes to a dry, itchy scalp. 


  • Crop Naturals Organic Castor Oil

crop hair treatment

  • Briogeo Scalp Revival CHarcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment
  • Cantu Shea Butter, Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair and Scalp Oil
  • Kiehl's Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate
  • Moroccan oil Dry Scalp Treatment

Remedies to Help With Dandruff

For our girls who love a good home remedy, here are a few natural cures for dandruff.

Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

apple cider vinegar dandruff treatment


Apple Cider Vinegar is an anti-inflammatory solution which also features probiotics. The solution helps to kill viruses and yeast which are both causes of itchiness. The apple cider vinegar soothes the scalp and reduces dandruff due to the high acidic levels within the solution. Here are the steps to using apple cider vinegar for your scalp.

  1. Mix a solution of ½ a cup of water and ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar
  2. Massage the solution into your scalp and let it sit for 10-15 minutes
  3. Rinse the solution of with cold water

Repeat this process every few days until you see results!

Banana and Avocado Hair Mask

banana and avocado dry scalp hair mask


Bananas and Avocado are two highly moisturizing fruits that are great for the scalp. Bananas are great for conditioning both the scalp and hair and avocados are excellent antioxidants. The moisture reduces dryness, flakes and inflammation. Here's how to create a nice banana avocado hair mask:

  1. Mix 2 bananas and one avocado into a bowl create a paste
  2. Apply the paste over the itchy areas of your scalp
  3. Let the paste sit for a minimum of 30 mins
  4. Rinse the paste  out with cold water

Repeat this process frequently until itchiness reduces or goes away.

    Let us know which remedies and oils you’ve tried and what has worked well for you!

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