The Right Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

The best thing about human hair extensions, is that there is truly something for everybody—including folks with thin hair.

Clip in human hair extensions are a popular option for people with thin hair.

In fact, there are a wide range of options for people who may just want to add some volume to their hair, without braiding down their natural hair, sewing in some wefts, or adding a human hair wig.

The best part is, you can easily find these extensions online and NAIJ Hair provides quality options for people with thin hair. This blog post will break down the best options that people with thin hair have in the world of human hair extensions.

In this blog, we will cover…

  • The Different Types of Clip-In Extensions
  • Protecting your Natural Hair (link to a blog post here)


The Different Types of Clip-In Extensions

You may be very familiar with the sew-in method or the human hair wig method when it comes to human hair extensions. Another quality option that is on the online market are clip in human hair extensions. Depending on your original hair type, there are a variety of options that can be installed within your hair that will add volume, while looking very natural.

Afro Kinky Clip Ins

If you have afro-textured hair and would like to add more length or volume, clip in human hair extensions are an amazing option. NAIJ Hair carries several different afro-textured clip-in styles that can be blended into your natural hair. There are styles such as afro kinky curly clip in extension and kinky straight clip ins. These styles are easily blendable and can be added to thin hair very easily.

The afro kinky curly clip ins are great if you are looking for extra volume for your natural hair. They can be styled with regular hair products for afro natural hair and can be maintained for over one year! Afro kinky straight clip-ins are another great option, because they can be styled in a straight texture and they also look great when they are curled with a jumbo curling iron. Think SZA with her kinky textured body wave hair.

Click here for the guide on how to take care of afro kinky hair textures.

Afro Textured Ponytails

Ponytails are a great option for adding extra length and volume to your hair. With a great variety for afro textured hair, NAIJ Hair carries both a kinky curly ponytail and a kinky straight ponytail. Both variations are made with 100% Human Hair and can be maintained with natural hair products. These ponytails come with a drawstring ponytail and clips to attached directly onto your natural hair bun or small ponytail.

Click here for the guide on how to take care of afro kinky hair textures.

Protecting Your Natural Hair

When having thin hair and using hair extensions, it’s important to take extra care with your natural hair. Although hair extensions are great for having a stylish look, remember that they are not exactly your hair, they are an extension! Regular maintenance of your natural hair is important for hygiene and for health. Use lightweight, but moisture rich shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers. Remember to detangle your hair regularly with a wide tooth comb and create a schedule for when you will maintain your hair. 


The best thing about hair extensions is that there is truly something for everybody. You can create a quality look with several styles such as clip in human hair extensions or afro kinky ponytails. The best thing is that NAIJ Hair carries quality human hair extensions with a variety of textures. 

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