The Best Shampoos for Human Hair Extensions 2020

You finally ordered the hair extensions you had your eyes on for months and they have arrived!! Hair extensions, like your own hair, need to be taken care of and protected. Hair requires maintenance and the right products to preserve longevity.

Buying hair is easy breezy, but the hard part is the keep up. Do you really want to flush a few bills down the drain just for mismanaging your hair? Or waste your time trying to find the best shampoo for virgin hair or the best shampoo for weave hair extensions? UMMMM NOOO! This is where NAIJ Hair comes in. We got a whole guide just for you on what the best shampoo for hair extensions are.

At NAIJ Hair, we want you to be able to love our products and use them for as long as you want. We want to give you a guide on the right shampoos to cleanse hair without stripping them or making them dry.

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In this blog, we will discuss…

  • Why Choosing Specific Shampoos is Important
  • The Best Shampoo for Hair Extensions
  • The Best Shampoo for Virgin Hair
  • The Best Shampoo for Weave Hair Extensions

Why Choose Specific Shampoos?

Hair extensions are essentially hair that is no longer growing from the scalp. But why does this matter? Well, no natural oils are coming from the scalp to nourish the hair extensions.

Finding the best shampoo for hair extensions is important because you want the hair to be cleansed, but you want the hair to retain moisture while removing the dirt and product buildup. 

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You need to take care of hair extensions to improve how long your hair lasts and maintains its fresh look. You can treat the virgin hair and weave hair extensions like your own hair. It can be coloured, straightened, washed and blow-dried as many times as you want. But girl the hair will start to look dull if you don’t give it some TLC.

Many people like to use weaves because natural hair is more fragile and harder to take care of. Using the best shampoo for weave hair extensions is important when having a hair care routine. If you don’t, the hair will look like you finished running your first triathlon without training. A HOT MESS!

One thing that can help is finding the best shampoo for hair extensions. This will help your hair last longer than those New Year's resolutions you make. Don’t worry, I have never kept one resolution either.

Choosing specific shampoos for hair can prolong their lifespan and keep them looking brand new. You wouldn't want to spend money on a new dress just to find out you have been washing it wrong this whole time causing the dress to lose some colour. In the same sense, you want to protect the investments you make with your hair by giving it the best hair products you can to ensure it stays shiny, smooth and luxurious. 

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You also want to consider how much you spend on shampoos because you don’t want to be throwing your hard-earned money around trying to revive your holy grail hair extensions. Take the time to do research and choose the best product for your needs. Thankfully, we researched for you, so all you need to do is decide the best product for your needs.

Think about it. The hair extensions are not directly attached to your head, meaning it won't get all the nutrients and oils your hair naturally gets. This causes hair extensions to become very dry. 

But wait, how do we stop this from happening? Good question. We will help you think about which products to consider for your specific hair needs. The main thing to take away from this post is to avoid products that suck the moisture out of your hair, like alcohols. 

Try using natural products to maintain the natural state of the hair. Water-based products are the best because they add moisture and are non-greasy. Aren’t sure what the best shampoo for virgin hair or the best shampoo for weave hair extensions is? Don’t worry, I didn’t know either. 

We at NAIJ Hair did all the work researching for you. We even added links to Amazon so it’s easy to buy the products you fall in love with. 

All you gotta do is keep reading and figure out what the best shampoo for your extensions are. We broke it down, just keep reading. 

Our Favourite Shampoos

Okay I gave you a little run down on the importance of finding the best shampoos for hair extensions, so let’s get into the juicy stuff. Here is a list of all our favourite shampoos. 

You can find a shampoo for your specific needs. Whether it’s for moisturizing or defining textures, there are products for all that.  

The best shampoos you can use for your hair are products with coconut oil, argan oil or castor oil because it provides the best results for moisture.

1. Organix Argan Oil of Morocco

For moisturizing, use argan oil with water or a water-based moisturizer. So something like Organix Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil is a great daily oil to use. I won’t lie, I used this all the time as a teenager and loved it! It left my hair so soft and shiny that I forgot I coloured it for years. For shampoo, try using Organix Argan Oil of Morocco.

best shampoo for hair extensions argan oilbest shampoo for hair extension oil











Amazon: Organix Argan Oil of Morocco

2. Tresemme Flawless Curl Hydration Shampoo

For defining your deep wave, deep curl and curly textures, try using Tresemme Flawless Curl Hydration Shampoo with Organix Curling Definer cream. This will help moisturize, define and individualize your beautiful curls. You can even do a deep condition with Silicon Mix, which I will get into a little later.  

best shampoo for virgin hair tresemme curly

Amazon: Tresemme Flawless Curl Hydration Shampoo

3. L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo

The reason this product is great is that dryness is eliminated with just one wash. Like what! How is L’Oreal winning like this? There are 6 essential oils in this product that will transform your dry hair without weighing it down. This includes...

  • Argan oil, which heals and protects the hair
  • Amla oil to treat weak, brittle hair and improve scalp health
  • Coconut oil reigns supreme for its intensive repairing properties
  • Sunflower oil, which provides hydration that is light and non-greasy
  • Chamomile oil to boost the hair’s brilliance
  • Soy oil, which provides a smooth texture and light nutrition

Dull and brittle hair is a sign of dry hair that needs some good old love and care. Extraordinary Oil nourishes hair with 6 precious oils to transform your hair.  The formula will give you intense nutrition, leaving your hair with a lustrous shine and softness that will have people wondering how you got your hair to look so great. It gives your hair that airy, free-flowing movement, so you can come out of the shower looking like Queen B herself. 

best shampoo for weave hair extensions oil based

Amazon: L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo

4. L’Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo

Are you on a budget? This product is amazing for you then, it’s honestly a steal! You want to use this product every 25 to 30 wears, or if there is a lot of product buildup to the point that you can’t manage it anymore. There are no sulfates, no salts, and no drying alcohols, making it a huge win for the coin you are spending. This is great for colour treated hair, especially if you love those customized hair looks. The rosemary oil adds moisture and restores shine and softness. The scent can be strong, so make sure you thoroughly wash out the product.

best shampoo for weave hair extensions moisture

Amazon: L'Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo

5. Playa Everyday Shampoo

This is a higher-end product with coconut oil, so it does not dry out your weave when washing it. It cleans the hair and breaks down buildup, but will not strip away the natural oils of the hair. It is sulfate-free, paraben-free and formaldehyde-free. 

best shampoo for weave hair extensions hydrate

Sephora: Playa Everyday Shampoo

6. Organix Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo

Want your hair to look hydrated and rich? This product uses natural ingredients, like coconut milk and whipped eggs, to nourish your hair while giving it a soft scent. This is the best shampoo for virgin hair that is curly or wavy. After using this, you will look like a whole snack. It leaves your hair sweet-scented, soft, glowing, shining, more elastic and stronger. 

Since the hair will look brand new, it will last longer. The beauty of this product is that it works well with different hair products. Meaning you don’t need to get rid of your holy grails just to use our recommended products. The all-natural ingredients won't mess up the composition of the hair and helps get rid of dirt or oils from the hair. The tea tree oil added also helps cool the scalp and increases the circulation of blood to the scalp, thus helping hair growth. Talk about a win! 

best shampoo for weave hair extensions coconut milk

Amazon: Organix Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo

7. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

We all heard of the queen herself when it comes to moisture; shea butter. This will be your best friend when trying to grow vibrant and healthy hair. It is ideal for dry and damaged hair because it gives you shiny and healthy-looking hair. 

You can even call this the best shampoo for weave hair extensions. With this all-natural and organic product, it cleanses and leaves your weave looking elastic and hydrated. Want to tame that weave that doesn’t want to listen? Use this. 

It contains argan oil, shea butter, and mineral-rich sea kelp. This is the ideal shampoo for soft, smooth, shiny, moisturized hair extensions. It also helps protect the hair from split ends because it smooths the cuticles and protects the moisture in the hair to remove that dull look. 

best shampoo for weave hair extensions shea butter

Amazon: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

8. Nexxus Promend System Shampoo

Looking for the best shampoo for hair extensions that are prone to split ends? This is the best because the gentle ingredients make it ideal for all types of hair, especially weaves. It's protective against sun rays, chemicals, and pollution. WHAT? Even pollution? Yes girl, this does it all.

Not to mention that this product is gentle for the scalp and lathers easily so it’s quick and easy to wash. This shampoo is a go-to because it never weighs the hair down, and it works on coloured hair too. It retains the colour while keeping that shine you love. This is an affordable product with a very light scent that keeps your hair moisturized and silky. 

best shampoo for hair extensions split ends

Amazon: Nexxus Promend System Shampoo

9. Organix Ever-Straightening + Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo

This is an amazing product that has coconut oil, keratin proteins, cocoa and avocado oils. The blend makes your hair super smooth and looks glossy while restoring damaged hair. The cuticles of your hair will become smooth, giving you that perfect look. 

It can be used for all hair types, but Brazilian hair is the best. It brings life back to the hair by cleansing it, hydrating it, moisturizing it and bringing that boldness back into it. The keratin blend helps strengthen the hair and it is toxin-free. 

best shampoo for virgin hair keratin

Amazon: Organix Brazilian Keratin Shampoo

10. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

This is the best shampoo for virgin hair and it is the best shampoo for weave hair extensions! Yes, I said it! This product is amazing for both! It is a vegan-friendly hair product that is gentle on the skin. It is a higher-end brand, but it is worth it. 

It is a good shampoo for virgin hair that has been dyed since it enhances the colour without stripping it. The hydration comes from the organic moisturizing blend making your hair feel and look healthy. What’s so amazing about this product is that the vibrancy of your extensions will be maintained, and the hair remains soft and lustrous. This product is a mild shampoo with a coconut scent, so it is gentle and non- toxic.

best shampoo for virgin hair hydrate

Amazon: Pureology Hydrate Nourishing Shampoo

11. Hairfinity Beneath the Weave Scalp Purifying Shampoo

Some of you may find weaves itchy and irritating, and that’s okay. This shampoo helps soothe the scalp because of the tea tree oil blend. It is a good shampoo to clean both the weave and your hair. It helps detoxify your natural hair and will break down the build-up. The bottle applicator makes it easy to run the shampoo under the weave when washing. The best part is that it contains no toxins and works on all hair textures. It's impressive to see a hair product care equally for your weave and your scalp. This shampoo contains tea tree oil, peppermint oil, aloe vera, biotin, and collagen. If you have a dry itchy scalp, this works well! 

best shampoo for weave hair extensions purify

Amazon: Hairfinity Beneath the Waves Shampoo

12. Silicon Mix Hair Treatment and Shampoo

See I told you I would talk about Silicon Mix! If your weave, virgin wig or hair extensions are suffering from dryness, this can help. This product contains things like keratin and silicon to soften, strengthen, and make the hair shine like the star you are. It also maintains the natural moisturizing properties of hair. This is the best shampoo for hair extensions because it works from within the hair to revive them with hydration making it look healthy and beautiful.

best shampoo for hair extensions hydrate silicon

Amazon: Silicon Mix Shampoo 


At NAIJ Hair, we want to give you the knowledge you need to help maintain the hair you are buying from us. It is our priority to provide you with options that you will love and help you maintain the hair. Our hair is premium and deserves premium care and the best information. 

Now that you have all the information on which products will work best for you, go out there and show off your new and improved hair!!  

Let us know how helpful you found this post. Leave a comment below, we love hearing from you! If you use NAIJ Hair products, don’t forget to post a picture and tag us @naijhair. 


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