4 Beauty Additions for 2020

Okay ladies, we’ve been in quarantine for a few months now and things are starting to slowly open up again, which means, one step closer to being out and about! 

This is a perfect opportunity to start putting more effort into your look! Today we’re gonna go over four ways to vamp up your style, from human hair extensions to mink lashes, so that you come out of quarantine feeling and looking  better than ever.

Young black women brushing her natural hair

Human Hair Extension Must Haves

What better way to vamp up your look than starting off with some human hair extensions.

Human hair extensions are an easy way to change your style without having to alter your actual hair. It can give you more length, more volume, or even a change in colour.

On top of creating a new look, human hair extensions are a great protective style. It allows you to take a break from heating tools, protect your natural hair from the sun, and can give your natural hair a break.

Here at NAIJ Hair we offer a number of human hair extensions with different hair textures to formulate these looks.

Sleek and straight Human Hair Extensions

NAIJ Hair Straight Virgin Hair Bundles

If you like simple, sleek, and clean then the straight texture is must for you. Our bundles come in nine lengths which means you can go short and sport a cute human hair bob or you can get a full 26 inches and have long, luscious locks.

Wavy Human Hair Extensions

For my girls who love their waves, NAIJ offers three different wave styles to give you the wave that you’re looking for.

NAIJ Hair Body Wave Virgin Hair Bundles

If you prefer a looser wave the body wave is your go to. Body waves are said to look well on any face shape and because of it’s S-pattern they tend to last for a longer period of time when maintained properly.

NAIJ Hair Deep Wave Virgin Hair Bundles

A deep wave has a “deeper” curl pattern than the body wave. A key fact about deep waves is that they blend in with any hair texture, therefore they are versatile and flexible.

NAIJ Hair Water Wave Virgin Hair Bundles

There is one key difference between a water wave and a deep wave. Water waves have hair curl patterns that are positioned in opposite directions so that it creates more volume in the hair and more of a natural look. Many people love the water wave look because it is light, lustrous, silky, and easy to maintain.

Kinky Human Hair Extensions

NAIJ Hair Kinky Straight Virgin Hair Bundles

Kinky human hair extensions are the closest to natural black hair textures. They are higher in texture and blend seamlessly into your natural hair.  At NAIJ Hair we offer two different styles; The Kinky Curly Virgin Bundle and the Kinky Straight Virgin Bundle. So whether you like straight or curly there's something for you!

Mink Lashes for any Occasion

NAIJ Hair Individual Mink lash strip

Lashes are the must have thing right now and everyone wants to get their hands on the best sets that will make their eyes pop and lashes full. 

Mink lashes are great because they provide a smooth, natural, full look though since the hair is permed it relaxes a lot nicer the synthetic lashes. 

Additionally, mink lashes are extremely comfortable to wear. This means that your skin around the eye, which is extremely sensitive, will not be irritated. 

At NAIJ Hair we have six amazing mink lashes for any occasion. If you want something more dramatic maybe for night out or an event, the Lava, Dragon, and Phoenix lash will give you a very full look. If you’re looking for something more subtle for every day, why not try out the Fuego or Energy lash.

NAIJ Hair Mink Lashes Set

Each lash has its own characteristics, but they are all at an affordable price and can be worn on multiple occasions. Check out our previous blog post to find out How to Pick the Perfect Mink Lashes.

Silk Scarves

Young black girl wearing a silk head scarf

Silk scarves are not just for when you’re getting ready to go to bed, they are a great hair accessory, especially for those days when you just want to get up and go. 

Silk is a great fabric for the hair because its smooth texture allows the hair to glide on the fabric as opposed to cotton which absorbs all of the moisture and often causes tangles.

Check out this video for 10 ways to style your silk scarves!

Hair Jewellery

We put jewellery all over our bodies, so why not not incorporate it into our hair looks as well? Hair jewellery is a great addition to add onto your human hair wigs and extensions.

Hair Clips & Bobby Pins 

Young black girl with stylized bobby pins on the side of her head

Let’s start off simple with some hair clips and styled Bobby pins. These are the most commonly used accessories when it comes to hair because they are generally used to keep the hair in place.  

Young black girl with beaded pearl enlarged hair clips clipped to her head

Right now the 90s style, enlarged hair clips and bobby pins have become a big trend in hair and fashion alone. They can be styled up when they feature pearls and jewels, or they can be worn simple for everyday and still provide a sleek and edgy look.

Hair Rings 

Young black girl with hair rings clipped to her braids

Hair rings are a big accessory when it comes to braids and locs. You can use different materials from gold to silver and different widths from a cuff clip to a thin ring, but they all style up your braid in a phenomenal way.

Hair Crowns 

Young black women wearing head crown

Hair crowns are great for an occasion such as a baby shower, wedding, or any dressed up event. They make your face the focal point and give you an elevated, luxurious look.

Which way are you going to change your style as we come out of quarantine. Let us know in the comments below!

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